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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Summer of Wisdom and Wonder

At the end of every summer, our grade school teachers would make us write essays about what we did during our summer vacations. Those were dark and discouraging times in which teachers would gently admonish me for doodling in the margins and encourage me to write something besides “watch cartoons.” Summers later, I find not much has changed… except for the admonishing part.

In addition to doodles and cartoons, this summer was full of action, adventure, and of course, the imparting of knowledge. I did my very best to absorb as much sage wisdom as possible, and learned some valuable life lessons and skills during my summer at Ghostbot:

- Lunch is the most important meal of the day.
- Adding corner shadows makes backgrounds more dynamic.
- Totoro creampuffs, though finicky to make, are well worth the effort.
- Gradients make most things more epic.
- Skywalker Ranch is just as cool as the Wikipedia article says it is.
- The highest destination for tiny post-it notes is storyboarding.
- Animating explosions is infinitely rewarding.
- Nathan Fillion is just as dreamy in person.

Silliness aside though, this truly has been the summer of a lifetime. Coming here was a leap of faith, and the best decision I have ever made. Ghostbot has become my family, and I am so grateful for that. Were this blog an 80’s sitcom, this would be the point at which the studio audience would be cued to “Awww;” and what an appropriately heartfelt awww it would be.

It’s been a pleasure working here, and maintaining the blog. Thank you loyal readers, and with that, I return you to your regularly scheduled Ghostbot bloggers.

Internbot01, signing off.

Conquering the Meat Mountain

Skywalker Ranch

Final Destination Lunch

Totoro magnet :o)


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