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Friday, April 28, 2006

Joe Painter

As I was messing around with Painter an old friend resurfaced:

I haven't drawn Joe in a long time so it was interesting to see the different choices I subconsciously made in this new rendition. I think I have to keep practicing...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Virtual Surgery is Hip

We recently did a character design job for EdHeads. EdHeads is a very cool website that creates virtual surgery simulations (ya gotta love the internet). In this simulation, you get to play doctor by cutting open and replacing different parts of a hip. It’s very fascinating and educational to see what surgeons have to do these days (definitely not for the squeamish.)

Here's our doctor which was drawn with our snazzy Cintiq tablets and cleaned up in Flash by our buddy Kris.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Erin's Got a Big Head

How ironic would it have been if I had crashed my car while trying to take this photo?

101-S (CA)

And somewhere in Pennsylvania...

(thanks Mike!)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Alternative Press Exposed

I had the luxury of a little free time this weekend to get my geek on at APE (Alternative Press Expo) in rainy San Francisco. I haven’t been to one of these in years and did not know quite what to expect. To my delight, there was a LOT of amazing, talented and diverse work.

Some of the hilights include:

Animus is a pop-up book by Gama-go’s Seonna Hong. Everything she touches is solid gold! We at Ghostbot have a soft spot for good pop-up books. I got it as a gift for my fiancée which she totally loved (brownie points for my future mishaps).

Noble Boy is a beautiful tribute to late great Maurice Noble done by powerhouse creative Scott Morse. The colors and designs here are just stunning.

Floating Submerged is a collection of post cards from the mad mad mind of Attaboy. I wish I was crazy enough to think up the stuff that’s in here.

Some cool cats that lurk Punch Pants were in full force at APE. Rhode Montijo’s lovely Cloud Boy sold out before the end of the last day. Ghostbot fav, Jamie Baker had Gourmet Gruel to keep the hungry masses content. Local artist, Joshua Ellingson had a good variety of work to show including his “Never Better” sketch book which contained Six Scoops Sketch’s infamous Gnome Dog. I also managed to nab some lovely prints from super blog queen Clio Chang.

All in all, APE was a blast and I’ll definitely be there for 07.
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