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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

From the Thanksgiving Queen

Opinions aside, I had to post this excerpt. I couldn't help but think this was so sad and poignant as I sat and read it:
As you would expect, the loss of freedom and the lack of privacy are extremely difficult. But I am safe, fit and healthy, and I am pleased to report that, contrary to rumors you might have heard, my daily interactions with the staff and fellow inmates here at Alderson are marked by fair treatment and mutual respect.

In short, I am in good spirits and making the best of this difficult situation. Visits from my friends, family and colleagues – together with your goodwill and best wishes -- will get me through this chapter in my life. For this friendship and support, I am very grateful this Thanksgiving.

Martha Stewart
I honestly like her work and brand (and I benefit from my wife's love of it as well).

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Martha.


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