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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Rise of Internbot - 02

Hi everyone my name is Sam Filstrup I'm the intern at Ghostbot. I'm from Concord, California just outside of of San Francisco (Bonus points if you noticed my initials are vaguely similar.).

Like many artists I've spent my head in the books doodling away rather then studying. Which led me to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where I've been studying as a visual development major with a focus on character design.

Years passed and skills were refined, I've worked tirelessly to bring my skills to the professional level and even though my skills were far greater then before I needed some true work experience under my belt. So I began looking for an internship.

Back in the days of High School I saw this music video of my favorite ska band Five Iron Frenzy, which popped Ghostbot onto my radar. Already aware of there location in the city, I sent out an email. Low and behold by the good graces of the Ghostbot crew I was brought into the studio as their second intern. As the weeks go by I'll be working on cleanup and various other projects, along with a personal project overseen by the Ghostbot crew.


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