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Friday, July 16, 2010

Destination: Lunch

I have mentioned destination lunches before, but the time has come that they really deserve their own blog entry, as well as a little room for explanation. For some, lunch is simply the light midday meal between breakfast and dinner. But as self dubbed “Lunch Guru” Kenn Nevarro says,“lunch isn’t just a meal, lunch is a way of life.”

So far we have had Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, In N Out, Chinese, pizza, sandwiches, and breakfast for lunch. I would be hard pressed to recall every destination lunch that has happened since my arrival at Ghostbot.

For those outside Ghostbot who might not be in the know about the different categories of lunch, we’ve provided a handy dictionary of definitions.

Sad Lunch – Having lunch alone at your desk.

Adventure Lunch – A lunch in which at least one member of the luncheon part has not dined at the chosen destination lunch establishment.

Extreme Lunch – A lunch in which no member of the luncheon party has dined at the chosen destination lunch establishment.

Pity Lunch – When Kenn guilt trips you into going to lunch through various methods of emotional manipulation, such as (but not limited to) whining, sad faces, and irrelevant factors. Eg: “But you have to go out, it’s the second Thursday of the month!” *pout*

Loser Lunch – When, failing emotional manipulation, Kenn still cannot convince anyone to go to lunch with him, and he cries in his car instead of eating lunch.

Betrayal Lunch
– When a person breaks away from the group and goes out to lunch alone, or with a smaller secondary lunch party. In the event that the two lunch parties are the same size, Kenn is the tie breaker, and the betrayal party is whichever group does not have Kenn in it.

Danger Lunch
– We’ve only speculated on its existence. It hasn’t happened yet. But when it does, we’ll know. And by then it will already be too late.

Today was a surprise pizza birthday lunch :D The cake is a Swedish Princess cake from Schubert's Bakery on Clement Street. It's a white layer cake with raspberry and kirsch custard filling, whipped cream and marzipan icing. Omnomnom!


Anonymous Kenn said...

Lunch IS life!!!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Chrystal said...

OK, so your pizza and cake looks amazing!! I’m dying for a really good pizza and that one looks dee-lish! Happy birthday to Lunch can become repetitive when you’re working, so adventure is a great way to break out of doldrums. At our studio we call it a “lunch crawl”, it gets pretty crazy at times. Every week one of us picks a random place to try out—(this works better in cities where eating establishments are abundant so traveling is not too time consuming) then the selector and one other person go on the food run. It can get pretty creative but never dull. We’ve had some hits—some misses. The one thing one must be if they want to be open to this is they must be a Foodie.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Bruce said...

Your B-Day Cake sounds DELICIOUS! A lunch unto itself.

As far as lunch goes, I try to have one every day. Many of mine during the week could be called "Road Warrior Lunch". You may experience this type of lunch in San Diego. The nice thing about "Road Warrior Lunch" is that you can have lunch whenever you feel like having lunch and you are already just cruising around in your car can happen anywhere!

8:16 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm really glad there's no one else but me in the office right now, or else I would be getting very strange looks for lol-ing occurring right now.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

danger lunch? isn't that when you eat something suspicious like sushi from a street vendor.
that cake sounds delicious.

10:58 AM  

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