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Friday, June 25, 2010

Setting Sail on the Internship

Intern project ahoy! I've been hard at work on the concept and character
design for the short animation I'll be creating this summer. Last week
Roque gave me three words (opposite, secret, and balance) with which to
create three different ideas. Working with Kenn Navarro during the
development and pitch process was fantastic. He helped with polishing my
ideas as well as generally demystifying the art of pitching, which was up
until this point, quite shrouded in mystery I assure you.

We chose the story formed from the word secret; a sneak peek into the
everyday life of the middle class working yeti. It is my intent to expose a
softer, more sophisticated side of this tragically misunderstood creature.
The past week has been spent developing the character of the yeti. Roque
has been instrumental in this process; helping to guide my design with
suggestions and examples. There seems to be a veritable cornucopia of
concept art books and insightful handouts accumulating on my desk with
which to draw inspiration and ideas from.

Next week I will begin story-boarding with Alan and working out specific
details with the plot line. More on the intern project soon to follow!

On another exciting note, Ghostbot has invited me to go with them to the
San Diego Comicon. Never did I dream that I would be making a pilgrimage to
this Mecca of nerddom. I've been told to take all my expectations, and
multiply them by 100. One hundred times the level of nerdiness. One
hundred times the amount of undiluted awesome. One hundred times the number of rotund spandex clad Flashes. My thesaurus would explode if it housed an adequate synonym for my level of excitement.

I suppose I should start working on some sort of costume, I would be
sorely remiss if I passed up a perfectly good opportunity to wear a cape.


Blogger Brad said...

Great stuff Elise!

11:54 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

"Next week I will begin story-boarding with Alan...."

Disaster awaits...

10:45 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Awww it's like our coffee shop sketching all over again (in reference to the 3 random words thingamabobber)!

But anyhow, these posts are fabulously hilarious. And you're making AWESOME work.

5:38 PM  

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