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Friday, June 18, 2010


It's been six years since we started this company and if we had to boil it all down to one main goal, it would be to clone ourselves. Unfortunately, we're still far from reaching that goal so we thought the next best thing would be to get an intern.

I know the value of internships firsthand and my career benefited greatly from gaining that real world experience at such an early stage. Now being on the other side of the fence, I'm happy to be a part of passing on that baton. We've had many inquiries and applications in the past, but we never felt like it was the right time or the right fit. However, recently the stars aligned and thanks to a glowing recommendation from my good friend and artistic inspiration, Shanth Enjeti, we now have our first intern ever.

Elise Fachon joins us all the way from the east coast where she currently is a Film/Animation/Video student at my old alma mater, RISD (whut whuuut...). Besides sorting all our M&Ms into Pantone groupings, Elise will also become a regular Ghost-blogger during her internship. We thought this would be a great way of invigorating our blog (beyond the oh-so-frequent once-a-year posting) as well as give everyone an insider's perspective on what it's like at our humble studio (she's already got some crazy newfangled ideas she's going to talk about that make me feel old).

Anyway, if her first week is any indication of the rest of the summer, it should be a fun time for all. Stay tuned...


Blogger Chris Battle said...

In-N-Out? You're treating her right.

10:56 AM  
Blogger roque said...

What can I say...we run a classy outfit.

9:39 PM  
Anonymous xenos said...

did you spoil her and spring for some krispy creme across the way too? if so, she's a lucky fish...

9:09 PM  

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