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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Day: R

The last few days of Comic-con sucked me under the surface. The combination of spotty internet service at the hotel, the lack of a mouse (try adjusting images with a laptop trackpad!), and pure exhaustion did me in. So the final two days of my experience will have to catch up now.

Image Comics: The Founders - From L to R (Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, Whilce Portacio)

In 1992, these guys were the rockstars of the comic industry. It was amazing to see them all together again 15 years later. They shared some great stories and insight on what it was like to be the #2 comic company out of the gates (yes, they beat out DC with only 7 titles).

"Chief Tyrol" sighting

There were a lot of toy debuts at the con, but the only one that got me excited enough to snap a picture was this one:

Ashley Wood's "Bertie the Pipebomb" prototype from BigShotToyWorks

Friday was mainly my day to grab the rest of the things I wanted to get before the Saturday onslaught.

Chris Sanders signing my toy

Lauren Faust (Powerpuff Girls, Fosters) just released her new merchandising blitz for her sassy, uber-marketable property, Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls!

Never has the solar system been so fun...

Nabbed this fun freebie from the chaotic Hasbro booth. If I can resist the urge to open it, I'll be a millionaire in the year 2032.

After another full day, we reconvened at Ghostbot Homebase for a breather and to compare what we all bought. Thanks to Alan and Brad, I was greeted by the nerdiest crossover ever:

We capped off the night by heading to a rooftop Disney party where they had video screens all over projecting the Shorty shorts.

We were so distracted we didn't notice that "new" Spock and Stan Lee were there too. Maybe that's a good thing because we would have surely embarrassed ourselves...


Blogger Klim said...

I wish I had a moment to talk to you some more

the con was awesome we should catch up in a week

armies of Berties are in the works!

3:52 PM  
Blogger Rocket Pistol said...

Love the update! Well worth the wait.

-Rocket Pistol

4:14 PM  
Blogger turcios curriculum said...

sin duda este es el mundo más fantástico que hay.
un abrazo

12:20 AM  
Blogger Mother Earth said...

OMG!!!! Thanks for featuring me, Roque!!!

Thanks for coming by my booth, too- ROCK!! (really, you do!)

4:22 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

Megatron can totally kick GI Joe's ass.

3:16 PM  

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