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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day: N

Aha! I actually did it. First blog post to recap Day 1: Preview Night. The cool thing about today is that it's the "lightest" of all the days in terms of crowd. Most of the people who make it to the con this early are industry folk such as ourselves, or hardcore pre-registered 4-day pass holders.

Our flight out of San Francisco was delayed a bit but we knew we were headed in the right direction because we spotted someone wearing the Green Lantern ring and another lady with a tattoo of "The Crow" on her arm. After a few minutes, I got the sneaking suspicion that everyone on our flight was headed to the con.

Our homebase

Great view from our room

After arriving at our sweet hotel (which is only a couple of blocks from the Convention Center), we quickly went to register. You could already feel the wave of people undulating in and out of the Convention Center. I'm always amazed at the diversity of Comic Con attendees - all ages, all shapes and sizes, all walks of life - all ravenously excited to be here.

Before this trip, I was determined to be organized and write down all the panels I wanted to go to and all the stuff I wanted to buy. But once we stepped inside, I was completely thrown off. No matter how much you prepare, you'll never be prepared. I felt claustrophobic on the supposedly "lightest" day by the amount of people already here. I can't even imagine what the next days will be like.

Jamie and Rhode: Buy one get one free

Yes, that's Rosario Dawson. I think she's a comic nerd too underneath that polished Hollywood exterior.

In my dazed state, I only got my bearings to buy two things today:

Chris Sanders' Sketchbook 2

Great glossy stock shows off his amazing drawings in b/w and color

Yes, Shanth, I got you a copy...

Bill Presing's "Belle du Jour"

Bill was selling a few amount of sketchbooks with original book plates. I've been eyeing those for the past week. I think I nabbed one of the last ones... Score!!

Despite the chaos, I'm happy that I at least got a couple of things I really wanted. Good way to get my feet wet. But since I was so off my game, I forgot to take that many photos. I spent half of my time trying to find where I needed to go (I probably would have done better blindfolded).

Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow...


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