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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


It is difficult to believe that a little over a week ago, the Ghostbot crew was situated in the thick of the madness that is the San Diego Comic Con. One week later, we still haven't truly recovered, but we're doing out best to muddle through our post-comic con lives anyway.
The Ghostbot booth this year was sandwiched in-between the towering wall of Sony's setup, and an inexplicable bamboo forest (I would provide insight, but it is, as aforementioned, inexplicable.) We spent all four days running mainly on espresso and granola bars and working the booth with the kind of frenzied adrenaline one usually reserved for life threatening situations. And as exhausted as we were at the end of the con, it was SO. TOTALLY. AWESOME.
Our booth revolved around one central and exciting event: the release of Ghostbot's new web series, CONTROL+HEART+DELETE! We had a giant foam cutout of our main character, Presston, for Comic-conners to take photos with. Presston came complete with animated expressions, which totally kicks, except for the fact that he occasionally ruined photos by blinking...
Some other Comic Con highlights included a Nathan Fillion spotting, and seeing the Game of Thrones cast. I even made significant eye contact with Kit Harington (Jon Snow), triggering a wave of emotion somewhere between lovestruck and nausea. We all left the con with some great swag; posters, prints, graphic novels, toys, and even a vial of "Wonderflonium" from a particularly detail oriented Dr. Horrible cosplayer.
All in all, we managed to brave the ordeal more or less intact, and with pictures to boot!

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