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Friday, February 29, 2008

No More Kings Video!

Since November, we've been working with bonafide rockstar Pete Mitchell, front man for the band No More Kings. He contacted us out of the blue to work on an animated music video for their newest single "Michael (Jump In)".

After listening to their dang catchy music and seeing their first video "Sweep the Leg" (directed by Billy Zabka), we knew we had to work with Pete so the wheels of production were set in motion.

This video was such a fun project to work on since the song was so awesome (a big deal since we'd be hearing it over and over again) and the design and animation of the world was so charming to create. The best part was that in the middle of production, Pete came up to visit us (along with Jordan and Tori from Astonish) so that we could meet in person and he could see how we worked. We instantly hit it off and we all hope that we can keep working with each other on many more projects.

Pete started his own blog that he'll be updating frequently about the whole production process. Go check it out. We're planning on blogging about our own tidbits of insight each week as well. In the meantime, enjoy!

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