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Saturday, August 26, 2006


We've been hanging out with crazy cool artist, Attaboy! Not only has he produced his own calendars, stationery, postcards, prints, paintings, and designer toys ( fuzzy...),

but he's also one of the founders and chief editors (along with his gal, Annie) of the wildly popular, ultra-spiffy, limited edition Hi-Fructose Magazine. Do yourself a favor and pick up this magazine because it's worth every penny and it's going fast.

Recently we've been given the opportunity to collaborate with him on one of his awesome original projects (and since he lives so dang close, we thought we'd share some pizza and soda while we we're at it). Since we can't say much about the project right now (when can we ever), we thought we'd share a sketch he did during a visit to our studio using one of our magical Cintiq tablets. We're trying to convince him to stop drawing with those stick-things called "pen-cils"...

Behold, ATTABOY!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Domo Arigato Producer-Bot-O

Corrine Wong is our super-dope producer at Ghostbot. She began her production work at Lucas Arts working on acclaimed games, like Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Battle Front 2, before she moved to Ghostbot. She has managed to navigate us through the choppy waters of production with various clients (some scary ones too!). Thanks to her, we’ve stayed on schedule, made clients happy, and gotten the time to do things with the quality we’re always striving for.

We decided it was waayyy overdue to create a Ghostbot for her. Between jobs, Brad, Roque and I snuck this drawing of Corrine’s Ghostbot. We wanted to capture her mad production skills and sweet demeanor in one drawing. Enjoy!

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