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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Esurance races on to the TV

"Real Speed Race" is the newest Esurance commercial to hit the tube. It’s an infusion of Penelope Pitstop GT and Death Race 2000. For this spot, Ghostbot was given the task of designing "Racing" Erin.

We also did the animation of the spot (which we’ll be posting on our site soon). We had a great time animating cars (...and monster trucks!). It’s very technical work, but very satisfying when it works well.

More Esurance to come, so stay tuned!
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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thirty-Six Scoop Sketch: "King Hamster"

We've obviously missed a few weeks now since our last sketch. This batch was actually done before the new year but I haven't been able to scan it in and post it until now. Sad, I know.

But what a better way to bring in 2006 than with our newest, most regal addition, King Hamster.




Wait...we're almost in February already?? King Hamster says "NAY!!"

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The "Where Have We Been" post


We've been running at a gazillion miles-per-hour for the last couple of months and now that we have a brief break, all I can do is yawn...

The reason for the lack of updates on this blog is because of three reasons:
1) the projects we've been working on have been all-consuming and turned our schedules blood red,

2) nothing has been officially "released" at this point,
and most importantly,
3) we'd rather sleep for an extra 20 minutes than blog.
However, we've actually been in the throes of some exciting projects for Disney TV (one of which is a Ghostbot original), as well as some fun stuff for our old alma mater Leap Frog, and wrapping up a couple more commercials for Wild Brain. Needless to say, once things get more official, plenty of beans will be gladly spilled here...

One of the blog-worthy events that we can mention is Nickelodeon's premiere of the "The X's", the super-stylish spy family created by Carlos Ramos.

Thanks to supervising director, Dave Marshall, we had the privilege of cutting our TV storyboarding teeth for 2 full episodes - "To Err is Truman" and "Truman's Choice" - and 1/2 of another - "Mission Irresponsible" - (behind the legendary Jim Smith!). We had a blast, even if we were a bunch of greenhorned rookies next to the likes of veterans including Jim Smith, Lee Hong, and Vincent Waller. We learned a lot during our brief stint (translation: we got punched hard and we loved it) and we look forward to more opportunities of working with the stellar crew at Nick. Hopefully, I'll stop yawning long enough to post up a board-to-final comparison for the episodes we worked on. In the meantime, check out the show!

(And when did we pass 20000 hits?! I'm sure 19000 of them are us but woohoo!)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ghostbot Mascot hits 11

Our doggy Kyoko (named after the female lead in Maison Ikkoku) hits her 11th birthday today! We've mentioned her in previous posts. Above is a picture the day she was adopted from the SPCA . Below is a more current picture of her guarding the Ghostcave.
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